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This is a Great way to upload Images and other Files to the site, PNG's Doc''s MP3's and PDF's are all exceptable, videos are to large and should be hosted off site as well as large Audio files like podcasts..

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WordPress Editor

A quick overview of writing a post with the WordPress Editor.  This is good for you if you want to write a blog post but don't have a website, and helps us all at Contra Radio Network just look cooler.

Thrive Architect Editor (what I use)

Overview of writing a post with the Thrive Architect Editor.  To use this fully, let me know and I can make it happen, but with that comes a need for caution due to the fact that it can control the overall look and feel of the site in other areas.

To use this and other features you will need to be upgraded to Author or Editor, which is a great idea for all of us, so Start to write Posts and learn the process.

Mark Boyle


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