Be Careful What You Wish For!

The election of Beshear has been eating at me.  It shouldn't have happened, and now that it has a lot of voters in the commonwealth are feeling pretty smug with themselves. But they shouldn't because this is one of those, "be careful what you wish for" lessons.

Here is what I'm talking about:

  • Gov Bevin was a great advocate for individual liberty in the commonwealth.
  • Bevin fought for the 2nd Amendment rights to protect yourselves and got constitutional carry passed, over the objections of Beshear.
  • Gov. Bevin fought for your 1st Amendment rights and was able to get the Bible back into the class room, over the objections of Beshear.
  • Gov Bevin fought for the right of every Kentuckian to have a job and got Right to Work passed, over the objections of Beshear.
  • Gov Bevin was a huge coal advocate and worked night an day to improve the coal industry, over the objections of Beshear.
  • Gov Bevin DID in fact, fix the teachers pension system with as little pain as possible and It really was a very well thought out bill, however Beshear got one of his buddies in a robe to throw it out on a technicality. And one other biggie,
  • Gov Bevin fought tooth and nail to protect the rights of unborn children, over the objection of Beshear.

You many not realize that everyone of those freedoms had already existed at one time in Kentucky, but over time, they were taken away by legislators like Beshear. It took a strong, principled Republican like Bevin to lead that charge and fight to get those liberties back in less than four years.
The fact that those liberties were taken away once means that they can be taken away again, and I'll bet my bottom dollar that the Democrat gov will do his best to take them away like he tried when he as the Atty General.

You voted for Beshear not because he was better, you voted for Beshear because you were told by ALL of the state media that Bevin was mean. Yep, Bevin was so damn mean that he got the Bible into classrooms, protected unborn babies, restored 2nd Amendment rights, fixed the teachers pension, and protected jobs. What a bastard!

Beshear WILL take away ALL of those and more and you sure as hell know it. You got what you wished for, now choke on it.

Tim O'Day is a veteran with over 22 years and has been deployed throughout the world to support and defend America and US Constitution. From a small town in Appalachain Kentucky (Go Big Blue) to a slightly larger town in southeast Arizona, and quite a few places in between.

The Donald J. Trump Presidential award for Making America Great Again!


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