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2KGs Show Ep41

2KGs Show Ep41 Let’s Talk about the Issues…wait, there are only FAKE Issues and the Comedians the mainstream calls, News Commentators, Never Mind. Well hell, we’ll just try and make sense of all the BS and you can figure it out later, hopefully, before it all collapses. Prepper Guy Podcast with Mark, The Prepper Guy […]

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Interview with Valley Food Storage | 2kgs38

This week had the pleasure of interviewing Joe from Valley Food Storage. Joe Borowski discusses some of the problems and question regarding the purchase of Long Term Food Storage. Visit Valley Food Storage TODAY Prepper Guy Red State Underground Contra Radio Network KYAH 540 AM

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CRN Broadcasting is gaining speed

2KGs 10 20 19 Ep 36 Things are taking shape and moving along. We talk some about the News, but we are excited about CRN Broadcasting. This is almost a live broadcast so you can follow us into the Greenroom in this extended video. Would you like the Show to be live? Let us know […]

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The DNC Circus is back in Town || North Korea Fires 2 Missiles

The Circus has come and gone…again but brought the same old tried Cast and Message, “America is Racist”, then the DNC try and block Andrew Yang from 3rd debate, “The DNC has revoked our 2nd qualifying poll”, Tweeted Andrew Yang. North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles off its east coast, they’re just upset that […]

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