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Episode 1012 Interview with WM Barr

AG William Barr, in an interview with a major MSM outlet, drops some amazing bombshells implicating future investigations for some VERY important people. Listen as we walk through this interview and tell you what Barr is actually saying in what he is not saying. Partner with The KrisAnne Hall Daily Journal and be a part […]

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Episode 1011 IG Report Review Constitutionally Speaking

Learn about the IG Report from people that not only were trained in the intelligence community, but also trained in the law for 20 years and the Constitution for more than a decade. You will not get this unbiased & truthful perspective with this level of education and understanding anywhere else. Be the smartest person […]

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Constitutional America – The Constitution & Impeachment

*SPECIAL VIEWING* Constitutional America is a weekly program available only on Oath Keepers TV and In this episode, KrisAnne Hall, JD gives step by step instruction on Federalist 65 and what those who ratified the Constitution meant when they said impeachment is “political.” SPOILER ALERT- It doesn’t mean what you have been told by […]

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KrisAnne Hall Daily Journal *LIVE*

Refreshingly unbiased. Current events from a Constitutional and Principled perspective. Fact not Fake. Truth not Agenda. Liberty over Security Principle over Party Truth over Personality For an education in liberty worthy of the highest institutions of learning check out Liberty First University by KrisAnne Hall at ubscribe to the KrisAnne Hall YouTube Channel […]

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Episode 1007 Impeachment Legal Hacks

Four non-expert non-witnesses testified before the impeachment committee. See who they are and why they have no real place in this hearing, regardless of what party picked them. PLUS News on Elizabeth Warren More evidence of Clinton election fraud Partner with The KrisAnne Hall Daily Journal and be a part of the force that will […]

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Episode 1006 Epic Federal Failures

Today we cover a lot of ground today from Chick-fil-a & Failure of Federal Agencies to VA’s gun meltdown. Tune in and get educated in #LibertyFirst Partner with The KrisAnne Hall Daily Journal and be a part of the force that will restore Americans with their Constitutional Principles! To JOIN with us just simple text- […]

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