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Source: We are now a Permission-Based Society If you asked the American Founders what their view on the role of government was then, and compare it with our view today, you would see a stark difference. American Constitution Begins by declaring explicitly that Liberty is a blessing, its commission was explicit that we are […]

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New Years Resolution For 2020, Year of the Trump

Source: 2020, Year of the Trump I am calling 2020, Year of the Trump because he will be Re-Elected for sure. Plus my New Year’s Resolution, last year was me distancing myself from social media and for 2020 I will be talking about How We can Make America a Less Permission-based Country.     […]

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Review-Cyber Armageddon by Mark Goodwin

This is not a Book review for Mark Goodwins “Cyber Armaggon” but some thoughts that I wanted to discuss. I listen to hundreds of Audio Books and most will bring up questions and feelings that I feel should be talked about in the prepper community. This is my first attempt to start a conversation about…

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