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Don’t Trust Politicians: Advice from the Founding Fathers

While this should be totally obvious by now, a lot of people seem to only distrust politicians they don’t like. That’s easy. But where the Constitution and liberty faces great danger is through the millions of people who blindly trust politicians from their own team. Path to Liberty, Fast Friday Edition: January 10, 2020 JOIN […]

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Thomas Jefferson vs the Barbary Pirates

Many people who support unconstitutional executive war powers like to claim that Thomas Jefferson took the same approach in the early 1800s against the Barbary pirates. But, beyond knowing there was a conflict, they know little about the facts – and Jefferson’s approach, which supports a very restricted executive – as required by the Constitution. […]

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Refuting Lies: Iran, War and the Constitution

With the general public so wildly uninformed about the Constitution as ratified, coupled with a massive propaganda machine in support of the status quo, there are a lot of falsehoods floating around about what’s not only going on in Iraq and Iran – but what’s legal and Constitutional too. Michael Boldin goes through and refutes […]

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AMA on Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries: Resolutions Need a Good Foundation to Work

Answering your questions about so-called “2nd Amendment Sanctuaries” in Virginia – plus, learn about other efforts to pass resolutions in cities and states – that have yielded virtually no results for liberty. Path to Liberty. Monday December 30, 2019 JOIN TAC: Show Archives: Subscribe and Review on iTunes:

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Nullification Movement News: Surveillance, Asset Forfeiture, Prohibition & More

With 2020 upon us, Michael Boldin reports on the latest nullification bills for the upcoming legislative session. From mass surveillance – stingray spying, facial recognition and others – to asset forfeiture, prohibition and more. Path to Liberty, Fast Friday Edition: December 27, 2019 JOIN TAC: Show Archives: Subscribe and Review on iTunes:

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Top-5 Reasons to Not Trust Sheriffs: Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Edition

People keep telling us that county sheriffs are taking a stand in Virginia. They’re refusing to enforce, they won’t participate, they support the 2nd Amendment. Here are the top-5 reasons to NOT trust them. In Virginia – or anywhere else, for that matter. Path to Liberty, Fast Friday Edition: December 20, 2019 JOIN TAC: […]

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Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries: Rhetoric vs Reality

What’s going on in Virginia? Here’s a hint. It’s far more rhetoric than “sanctuary” Dozens of counties in Virginia are claiming the mantle of “2nd Amendment Sanctuaries” in the face of new proposed restrictions in the state legislature. But does the rhetoric match up with the reality of what’s happening on the ground? So far, […]

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Victory: Facial Recognition Stopped in Two More Cities

Mass, warrantless surveillance – a new ban in the East – and an extra push brings down a massive program in another West Coast city. Plus hackers have successfully tricked an airport and payment system running on facial recognition. Path to Liberty: December 16, 2019 JOIN TAC: Show Archives: Subscribe and Review on […]

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Nullification News: 2nd Amendment, Asset Forfeiture, Surveillance, Defend the Guard

The 2020 “Nullification Season” is getting underway. In this episode, Michael Boldin gives the latest reports of efforts in the states to protect the 2nd, take on the NSA and mass surveillance, end asset forfeiture, resist unconstitutional wars. Path to Liberty, Fast Friday Edition: December 13, 2019 JOIN TAC: Show Archives: Subscribe and […]

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