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The Jeffers Brief 6 Nov 2019 (Video)

By John Jeffers / November 7, 2019

Source: The topics for this week on The Jeffers Brief are: *ACW 2.0 Food and Water Preparation *Impeachment will cost these Dems their jobs *Things become a bit more interesting in Durham/Barr Investigation *Can you predict how the grid will go down or SHTF critical incident?

The Jeffers Brief 8 Oct 2019 (Video)

By John Jeffers / October 10, 2019

Source: The topics in this episode of The Jeffers Brief are: *Democratic Extortion * My thoughts turned into a rant. (What has come to my mind in the past 24 hours) *Clapper admits Obama made them do it *2nd Rumor Monger is a CIA feedback loop play *Minneapolis PD ordered not to wear their…

Jeffers Brief- An Update

By John Jeffers / September 26, 2019

Normally I do not do 2 shows in one week- but I found some information that I want to share with you Patriots. Yes I do get a little wound up.     

Jeffers Brief 25 Sept 2019

By John Jeffers / September 25, 2019

This weeks topics include:Why the Democrats have gone insanePelosi lets slip the real reason for Dem Impeachment non-senseWhat does Prepping mean to you?How Comey’s White House spies, Biden family, and John Kerry are all connected-it IS incestuous!“Whistle Blower” may not be as pristine as the MSM would have you believe This week in the Social Justice […]

The Jeffers Brief 18 Sept 2019

By John Jeffers / September 18, 2019

This episode of The Jeffers Brief I speak and comment on these topics: *Democratic Party Voting to Censure one of their own*Another Biden Gaffe that the MSM won’t show you*Reps Jordan and Meadows discuss the Lewandowski made for media circus along with a few clips of from the hearing.*Canadian Intel Official Scandal*Bugging out with your dog*Mitt […]

The Jeffers Brief 12 Sept 2019

By John Jeffers / September 18, 2019

The topics for this episode of The Jeffers Brief are: * Prepper Mistakes*DOJ recommends charging McCabe*Nadler is getting frustrated with Impeachment terms*Rep Jordan talks about Red Flag Laws and their potential abuse*DOJ prosecutorial misconduct in Flynn case*How eating habits in the West makes you a racist (no I am not kidding, its from Canada and shows […]

The Jeffers Brief 4 Sept 2019

By John Jeffers / September 5, 2019

The Jeffers Brief for this episode talks about: Red Flag Laws and how they will be usedThe Scope Memos- Yes it is Coup relatedAss Of Congress-AOC- tells Navy Seal how to handle firearmsHow to survive a Knife attackDinesh talks about the All-Out Assault of the 2A

Comey’s Hubris The Jeffers Brief 29 Aug 2019

By John Jeffers / August 30, 2019

Another week, Another The Jeffers Brief episode!!! Information to keep you informed. This week: Comey’s Hubris and DOJ not prosecuting him. Why the DOJ will not prosecute Comey at this time. Why the media is distrusted by Mark Levin Eliminating Talent by Force The MSM and Dem party clings to the Charlottesville Lie *Why China is dangerous

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