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The Jeffers Brief Special Edition with Terry Kaas

Source: This special edition of The Jeffers Brief my guest is Terry Kaas as we speak about how some preppers are not taking the precautions with the potential of a pandemic and their supply caches are not up to par.  I want ALL my ,listeners to stay safe.  This the longest episode I have […]

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The Jeffers Brief 29 Jan 2020

Source: This episode of The Jeffers Brief I speak on the hot topic of the day- Corona Virus.  What the latest is and what is happening at this moment in time.  Due to the nature of the virus and the amount of information coming out and the time sensitive information, the information presented is/was […]

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The Jeffers Brief 28 Jan 2020 Special Edition

Source: In this special edition episode I speak with long time CRN friend Terry Kaas who is in Thailand to get his observations of what is going on in a place closer to China and it’s Corona virus outbreak.  There will be no video as this was done on the fly.

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The Jeffers Brief 15 Jan 2020

Source: This episode of The Jeffers Brief: * What Bernie Sanders Campaign Staff Really Thinks * Events That Signal It Is Time To Implement Your SHTF Plans * A Letter About Lazy People Who Want To Mooch Off Of Your Preps

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The Jeffers Brief 8 Jan 2020

Source: This episode of The Jeffers Brief: *Latest numbers on Maganomics *POTUS wins first Sanctuary Cities Lawsuit (No, the MSM will not report it) *Weaponized Nanotechnology *5 Things Not waste Your Prepping Money On *15 Things A Community Needs To Do After SHTF

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The Jeffers Brief 6 Nov 2019 (Video)

Source: The topics for this week on The Jeffers Brief are: *ACW 2.0 Food and Water Preparation *Impeachment will cost these Dems their jobs *Things become a bit more interesting in Durham/Barr Investigation *Can you predict how the grid will go down or SHTF critical incident?

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