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To Train or Not to Train…

To Train or Not to Train?To train or not to train? That is really a question that only you yourself can answer. The old training axiom then comes into question. The axiom is not only a motivational saying but also ask points out a truth in reality. The axiom is simply stated. “Somewhere out there […]

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Ladies of the Watch: Trafficking and Kidnapping

Trafficking and Kidnapping It is no secret that this world is becoming increasingly more dangerous.  Two days ago, near our small town, a white van followed a car for a mile with the brights on- in the evening.  The car pulled over to let the van pass and two men jumped out, broke his window […]

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Secure Communications in a Grid Down Situation

Secure Communications when the Grid goes DownSince the dawn of time, man has always tried to make his thoughts and ideas known and in some cases secret. The results were mixed and even today the results are not always successful.This month I want to discuss the use of secure radio communication in a grid down […]

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