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Prepping for the Coup with Daniel of Numanna Foods

By Mark B. / November 13, 2019

In Episode 55 we have Daniel from Numanna Foods and the host of the Power Hour show, who talks about a lot more than food. He talks about the economy and the coup that’s unfolding – and why you need to prep for it. The After Show, available to Patreon supporters, has Daniel giving one […]

Staying Motivated to Prep: the Two Sides of the Motivation Coin

By Mark B. / October 31, 2019

In Episode 53, we talk about the two (seemingly contradictory) sides to staying motivated to prep: getting it done, and dialing back to rest. Every prepper needs motivation from time to time and this show will give you some. In the After Show, available exclusively to Patreon supporters, we answer 14 Patreon questions on a […]