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Marxism Is the Biggest Threat with Trevor Louden

In Episode 89, our guest is anti-Marxist expert Trevor Loudon, the author of the book “The Enemies Within,” which was made into a documentary and the new book “White House Reds.” We talk specifically about the – yes, we’re going to say it – communist influence and control of BLM, antifia, and some blue cities […]

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The Destruction of the Cities: How It Affects You Even If You Don’t Live There – and How to Prep F

In Episode 87, we detail exactly how the burning cities affect you, even in the suburbs or rural areas. We talk about, among other things, truck drivers not delivering supplies and the political backlash that could lead to authoritarianism and the “cartel-ification” of America. We have former intelligence-agency guests leave voicemails with their thoughts on […]

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#ThisIsWhatACollapseLooksLike – Proof Positive

Episode 85 is a serious one where we show you that the US is, indeed, collapsing – and here’s what it looks like. We talk about the “CHAZ,” the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” part of Seattle where antifa kicked out all the police and claims to be an independent country – and how this insurgency […]

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Joel Skousen on Strategic Relocations and How COVID-19 Restrictions Are Leading to the Next Steps of

In Episode 82, our guest is Joel Skousen, author of the best-selling book Strategic Relocations and editor of the World Affairs Brief newsletter. He answers the always-asked question, “What are the best states for preppers to move to?” We also talk about China, COVID-19, the backlash against the restrictions, and over a dozen other topics […]

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What COVID-19 Taught Us and Our Listeners About Our Preps

In Episode 80, we look at what we learned from COVID 19 – and what our listeners learned. We have 43 (!) Patreon supporters telling us their observations from the real-life “dry run” prepping exercise called COVID-19. It’s a long After Show with all those Patreons’ gems they give us. Wow. A really, really solid […]

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