Diet & Planning | Moving Laterally | Preparedness Series Part 2


Diet & Planning “If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.” Yogi Berra

This Episode is all about deciding on the direction you will take, move left or right. We covered Mindset and how it has brought us to the point of taking the first step into camping or Hiking. 

Now that we are going out into the "Wild" and camping/hiking we will need to learn some Skills, at least the basics, Shelter, Fire, Water, and Food. These 3 things are as important as breathing, these are skills everyone needs to learn, but they are not the things that will change the direction, left or right we are focused on at this point.  Food, on the other hand, will be at the top of your list, your Diet is a Variable that You Can Change, and it pertains to long-term, and Diet Needs of your Family. 

So we will leave out Gear and barely touch on it because for now, it's all about the direction you move laterally, Left or the Right as we Step-Up.

What that means is, if you choose a diet of more Grains and Greens then the next step up will determine the Gear and Knowledge that will be required. The same is true if your diet is mostly Meats and Fats, that will mean different Gear.

What makes the Journey of Prepping so overwhelming is when these decisions are not made to Fit Your Needs.
If you don't learn the proper Diet for you or your family then you'll spend time and money trying to do both, this will lead to confusion and frustration, not to mention the hit to the Wallet.
Quite simply, the Gear and knowledge for one diet are 180 degrees from that of the other diet.

Here is a Great Book mentioned in Episode 
Footnote, my comment about Eating Grain and Fiber.
Cellulose is Non-digestible by man, cellulose is a food for herbivorous animals (e.g., cows, horses) Fact check, Click Here

I was a "Prepper" before it was even classified as lunacy, terrorism or even cool, depending on who you talk too. In my 40 year journey, I have narrowed things down to what really matters, your Family and those you care about the most.

All subjects are based on a Minimalist Mindset and point of view to help take the Scary out of all the "What if's" in life.

I have added a Phone # to call with any questions you may have 1-(520) 261-9149

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