Do we Stay, or do we go, because the temperature is rising | 2KGs 026

2:54 The Hunt, apparently Hollywood HATES, Hates, hates deplorables.
8:45 Bernie Sanders is a Hypocrite, hate the system that made him rich.
12:44 Mass-Shootings = Gun-Grabs, it just a liberal dog whistle
28:09 Background checks should not cause us any worries because “We the People” are in charge, but without someone to back us up, it does not help, or matter. How can we be in control if the bully has our lunch money and we can’t fight the bully, because the school will not take your side? So where is our Back-up, our Sheriff, our Body Guard when the Bully shows up?
36:05 When do we say ENOUGH? Will we take action, or just allow the enemy within to take away all of our rights, and liberty in the name of status-quo?


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