John Jeffers

Not only is John Jeffers the host of The Jeffers Brief but he is also founder and executive producer of Contra Radio Network (CRN). He started CRN in June 2014 after he retired from the Lake County Illinois Sheriffs Office.

He and his wife currently spend many weekends in their RV travelling around the country promoting CRN and meeting with listeners and hosts.

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John's Bio

His interest in Prepping began in the late 1970’s when he started reading the book series, “The Survivalist” by Jerry Ahern. However, since he was a teen, other things took over his interest as it does to all teens. Girls, Cars, and on occasion conning your way into purchasing a case of beer from the various liquor establishments. The prepping bug then receded from his life for some years to come.

Upon his graduation from Round Lake High School in 1982, he enlisted in the US Army (The Reagan Military!). It was during these years and the election of 1980 that helped to shape his conservative political philosophy.

John lived in the Tampa, Florida area for a brief time and attended the University of South Florida. After one semester, he noticed the leftist slant of the faculty and decided he would not do well in that environment and left USF.

Upon returning home to Illinois he joined the Lake County Illinois Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) first as a Corrections Officer, then a Deputy Sheriff. He was assigned to the Corrections Division, the Court Security Division, Warrants Division, Bicycle Patrol, Highway Patrol Division and was a Union Representative for the Court Security Division and Highway Patrol Division before retiring in March 2014 after 26 years of service.

Prior to his retiring, John’s interest in Prepping and the Patriot Movement had awoken once again, but this time he had the financial means and the knowledge to actually do something about living the lifestyle.

In June 2014, John has created an account with Blog Talk Radio to start podcasting a show for Preppers and Patriots. The name of Contra Radio Network was trademarked with the USPTO. After some continuous glitched with BTR he changed his platform to The ratings took hits and has yet to really recover from the necessary change.

Over the years several hosts have come and gone, but the concept and the loyalty of those associated with CRN has kept it afloat it. 
The hosts are from all over the United States.

John is married and has one child from a previous marriage who is set to graduate from college this November 2018. He and his wife currently spend many weekends in their travel trailer travelling around the country promoting CRN and meeting with listeners and hosts.