Ladies of the Watch: Trafficking and Kidnapping

Trafficking and Kidnapping

It is no secret that this world is becoming increasingly more dangerous.  Two days ago, near our small town, a white van followed a car for a mile with the brights on- in the evening.  The car pulled over to let the van pass and two men jumped out, broke his window with the butt of a handgun, pulled him through the window, beat him-ransacked the car, and left him on the side of the road.

This is unheard of for our area.  In many states there are increasingly violent stories of kidnapping, both children and teens and even young adults for sex trafficking.

It’s going to get worse.

Our society has taken away the right to protect ourselves, the police refuse to help at times, due to increasing lawsuits for people who don’t take responsibility for their actions.So, how do we protect ourselves? This is something I worry about as a single mom on a daily basis.

sex trafficking

Situational Awareness

Ladies, this is probably the biggest issue we have to deal with. We go shopping, to the movies, and out to eat without worrying about what is happening around us.

My husband never sat with his back to the door, ever. He wanted to be able to see anything coming at him. He also made sure we knew the layout of any place we went into to find various exits in case of trouble. (Yes, he was ex-military.)If grocery shopping, keep an eye on the people around you. Now days, Predators are bunching in groups of two or three. They will have a spotter, one who chooses a victim. He/she will follow parallel at a short distance, and you will notice that he keeps his eye on you when you move about. He will most likely have a cell phone, which he is texting information to another person, possibly outside.

They could make a move inside or out, but usually they wait until you get outside of the store and are distracted by putting stuff in your car. The second person will drive up, they will double team you and you are gone. It just takes seconds. They use this technique more and more on infants and small children as well. As soon as you are looking away, they snatch your child.

Key Takeaway

Be aware, and have a plan in case this happens. Sit down with your family and go through scenarios on what you should do in this situation, to prevent or escape. Know who your kids are talking to on social media. There is no privacy any longer. My kids know, if you can’t show mom, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.


Teach your kids to fight dirty. How to get away. How to make it impossible for them to be held or dragged in silence.When my kids were small, we played the crab game. If someone tried to pick up one of my kids, say 5 years old, they would go limp and drop to the ground (or fight as the case may be). They assume the crab position, on their butt-feet-and hands.

In this position, they can kick and spin in any direction the person tries to move. If a leg is grabbed they roll and spin to break the grip TOWARDS the thumb. Kicking, biting, screaming, anything to keep that person from grabbing them. My oldest son used this technique 3 times to escape a would-be kidnapper before the age of 12.Ladies, learn basic self protection techniques and practice them. Mace, Pepper spray, a tazer, all good things, but useless unless they are readily accessible on a key chain or somewhere you can grab in one second.

Rooting around in your purse doesn’t cut it in this situation. Don’t go quietly. That may have worked in the past, but in this world, you are making it easy for them. If you don’t conceal carry, consider it.

I carry numerous items in the door of my car that I can use in an emergency. Screwdrivers, flares, a knife, pepper spray, but I have to get to my car to use it. If you are walking to your car, keep something in your hand, and keep your children close.


Know your areas. Think about if you were in trouble on a daily drive. What would you do? Where would you go?

Develop plans for different scenarios. Tornado, Earthquake, Flood, Hurricane. Carry what you need in the car at all times in a backpack. If you are in your car, don’t fall for the tricks to get you out of your car.

Kidnappers, now use crying children, egg your windshield, a note or object under your windshield to get you out of your car. Leave the area and call the police. If you are followed, don’t speed to get away, use your plan, and call the police.

Let them know the situation. Never stop in a deserted area, or at night. If you can pull down a side road and turn off your lights, will that keep you safe? Make your plan so that it is second nature.

Don’t wing it. If you feel your life is in danger, do what you need to do. This is different for all of us. Think it over and make decisions based on your beliefs.It is truly horrific that we have to think about these things in our lifetime, but ladies, it IS going to get worse. People are getting so far out of control that we are unable to stop it any longer in my opinion, so we need to be prepared in advance. Next month: Protecting your Home.Until then, Be safe.


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