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Episode 1013 KrisAnne Gives Encouraging Words From Inside the Beltway

I attended a White House Policy Briefing today and I have some really great news and amazing stories to tell. Listen and be...

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Objective Analysis of Whether We’re Headed for Civil War with Rep. Matt Shea

In Episode 58, Rep. Matt Shea (R-WA State House) joins us to talk about whether we’re in or soon to be in a civil...

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Episode 1012 Interview with WM Barr

AG William Barr, in an interview with a major MSM outlet, drops some amazing bombshells implicating future investigations for some VERY important people. ...

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NDAA 2020: More War, Armies, Debts, and Taxes

Once-again ignoring the warnings and advice of virtually every leading founder - and the restrictions of the Constitution - another massive "National Defense Authorization...

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Episode 1011 IG Report Review Constitutionally Speaking

Learn about the IG Report from people that not only were trained in the intelligence community, but also trained in the law for...

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