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Episode 1007 Impeachment Legal Hacks

Four non-expert non-witnesses testified before the impeachment committee. See who they are and why they have no real place in this hearing, regardless...

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Project Guardian: Another Big Attack on the Constitution and Liberty

Frustrated with a lack of new laws coming from Congress, the administration is taking a new path to increase federal violations of the 2nd...

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Episode 1006 Epic Federal Failures

Today we cover a lot of ground today from Chick-fil-a & Failure of Federal Agencies to VA's gun meltdown. Tune in and get educated in...

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Episode 1005 SCOTUS Looks at Gun Law Plus Other Great Controversy

What will happen when SCOTUS reviews NY Gun Law?  Listen to why I think this won't do what both the left & right think...

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Top 10 Founders Quotes on the Constitution and Liberty

Adams, Jefferson, Dickinson, Parsons and more - TAC's Michael Boldin shares his personal top-10 favorite quotes, and the stories behind each. Path to Liberty: December...

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