Prepper Burnout

My latest episode on Contra Radio Network the other day was about something every Prepper and Patriot go through at some point during there ongoing preparations.  It can last a while or a short time.

How do you know when you have Prepper Burnout? The easiest way to tell is simple- you just don't feel like doing it.  You put it off knowing it is something you need to do and get done.  However, there is way to combat it.  Spend some time getting balance in your life- re-orient your life by spending time with family and others.  Spending time with family is great because it reminds you why you started prepping in the first place.  Your family members will also truly appreciate it because you are not running around babbling about prepping, or storing up items, or the supply cache, or water storage, reloading ammunition, etc.  They can see you again as the person you are and have always been.  In other words, YOU have to reconnect to them.

I also have some other tips in the episode, so give it a listen and evaluate if you might be burning yourself AND them out.  -jjhere...

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